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Targets we’ve achieved:
Increased US Software Development Company's annually acquired clients by 400% *
Generated 50+ business opportunities for UK Architecture & Design Services Provider *
Reduced cost per lead by over 6X for Dutch Event Technology Company *
Reached out to 13,000 target prospects and generated 400 opportunities for Swiss Sports Tech Provider *
Boosted conversion rate of Ukrainian IT Company by 53.6% *

For B2Bs, demand generation isn’t about quick wins but about sustainable business growth.

At • LenGreo • we get that. Our demand generation services are designed to not just generate leads but to identify valuable opportunities, drive momentum, and build lasting relationships.

Key Account &
Partnership Management

B2B companies need high-value accounts and long-term relationships to thrive. At LenGreo, we provide industry-focused key account and partnership management services that prioritize the identification, nurturing, and strategic management of high-value accounts to help you achieve sustainable growth.
Up to 3X growth in key account referrals due to effective management and clear offering
Dive deep into understanding key account needs and provide tailored solutions
Up to 60% improvement in cross-selling and upselling opportunities with key accounts
Optimize partnership communication, ensuring clear and beneficial collaboration
Up to 70% higher lifetime value (LTV) from strategic account partnerships

Conversion & Retention
Rate Optimization

Effective acquisition and retention strategies are the keys to increasing conversion and retention rates. Our optimization services are focused on boosting revenue while reducing costs and building lasting, profitable relationships to ensure a steady stream of revenue. To ensure your ongoing success, our strategies evolve with changing customer preferences and market dynamics.
  • Up to 40% higher conversion rates through tailored customer journey mapping
  • Up to 70% reduction in customer acquisition costs with efficient funnel optimization
  • Up to 3X growth in referral rates due to satisfied and retained customers

Sales Process Dev &


Streamlined processes reduce wasted time and resources and lead to faster sales cycles. At LenGreo, we deliver data-driven strategies that increase efficiency and refine your sales process to reduce the time it takes to close deals, leading to faster revenue generation. You get up to:

Faster sales cycles with streamlined process optimizations
Higher deal closure rates through refined sales strategies
Less time spent on non-targeted leads, boosting sales efficiency
Reduction in lead drop-offs with the re-engaging sales funnel
Increase in lead conversions with personalized sales training




  • Information technology
  • United States
How Software Development Company increased acquired clients by 400%

Increase in MQL volume


Conversion rate growth



  • Architecture & Design
  • United Kingdom
How Powerkh's outreach strategy reboot led to a 5X rise in lead generation

Opportunities generated


Increase of upselling



  • Information Technology
  • Switzerland
How Blocksport generated 4X more opportunities in just 3 months

Of CPA KPI achieved


Target prospects reached


The LenGreo team is very initiative, easy-going, and dedicated to what they’re doing. They constantly provide us with high-quality work and I’d recommend LenGreo to any company that needs professional assistance with business development and digital marketing.

Yevhen Surzhan ,
CTO, Powerkh

LenGreo has been an excellent business partner, and their lead generation and sales campaigns yield exceptional results. We have regular meetings to discuss their progress, resulting in a seamless workflow. 

Anatoly Kotlyar ,

LenGreo's efforts & activities have high commercial potential. They are very friendly & thoughtful in what they are doing. The only thing we'd like to adjust is reporting system so it matches our in-house system better

Christiaan van Duren,
CEO & Founder, Dexper

It was a pleasure to work with the team as they were always responsive and ready to help and find a better solution for us, it is a great company to help you find the right audience and ways of communication in both B2C and B2B. LenGreo team members are real, proactive professionals.

Ihor Honcharov,
Head of Digital Marketing, Blocksport

LenGreo cares about what they are doing. They really wanted my business to scale as much as I did, and their professional approach made it happen.

Giacomo Zecchi,
Founder & Head of Design, GZD

LenGreo is highly systematic in their approach. They provided me with outstanding solutions in a proper timely manner. Communication is very transparent, thus on all stages I could see how my business is scaling, and our KPIs are being achieved

CEO, iGaming Platform


Demand generation creates awareness and interest in your B2B products or services to generate demand among potential customers. It's crucial for B2B companies because it drives interest, engagement, and ultimately, revenue.
Key components of an effective demand generation strategy include targeted content creation, multi-channel marketing, lead nurturing, data-driven decision-making, and sales alignment.
Effective digital marketing channels for B2B demand generation include content marketing, email marketing, social media advertising, and search engine optimization (SEO).
The metrics we use to track the success of our demand generation campaigns include website traffic, conversion rates, click-through rates (CTR), engagement metrics, lead quality, and revenue generated.
Data analytics helps optimize B2B demand generation strategies by providing insights into audience behavior, content performance, and campaign effectiveness. It enables data-driven decision-making for continuous improvement.
The time to see results from a demand generation campaign can vary but often takes several months. It depends on factors like industry, the competitiveness of the market, and the complexity of the offerings.

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