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Targets we’ve achieved:
Increased US Software Development Company's annually acquired clients by 400% *
Generated 50+ business opportunities for UK Architecture & Design Services Provider *
Reduced cost per lead by over 6X for Dutch Event Technology Company *
Reached out to 13,000 target prospects and generated 400 opportunities for Swiss Sports Tech Provider *
Boosted conversion rate of Ukrainian IT Company by 53.6% *

For B2Bs, the journey to closing the deal is more complex and comes with unique challenges.

At • LenGreo • we specialize in B2B digital marketing and are equipped to navigate and overcome these challenges to optimize your digital strategy and ensure cost-efficiency.

Marketing audit of your business

Our marketing audits address the specific challenges B2B companies face and uncover new ways to overcome them. We determine your unique strengths and weaknesses, evaluate your previous outreach and lead-generating efforts, and leverage our expertise to spot new growth opportunities. This enables us to develop a clear vision of your goals and the course you need to take to reach them.
Up to 4X boost in lead generation with our B2B digital marketing expertise
Improve conversion rates by up to 55% by addressing identified gaps
Optimize resource allocation by identifying wasteful spending
Identify pain points within your current strategy and outreach efforts
Reveal multiple growth opportunities with in-depth analysis

Strategy Development & Optimization

This is where audit insights are transformed into a comprehensive game plan. Based on your unique capacities and strengths, we develop a tailored strategy and map out your next steps toward growth. We define priorities, select the right marketing channels, develop clear messaging, allocate budgets, and establish precise milestones. This lays the foundation for effective and targeted marketing campaigns that deliver scalable results.
  • Boost strategy effectiveness by up to 85% by setting clear goals and priorities
  • Craft clear offerings built around your distinct capacities and strengths
  • Expand your reach by up to 5X by selecting the right marketing channels
  • Set the stage for B2B marketing that consistently delivers
  • Increase engagement by up to 70% by concentrating efforts on the right audience

Strategy Mapping & Implementation


At this stage, we outline strategy goals, timing, and budget to ensure resources are used effectively and implement result-driven tactics to optimize your sales pipeline. Our B2B marketing strategies are adaptable, and we consistently test and fine-tune all of the factors that can impact your lead-generating and outreach goals. You get up to:

Navigate the B2B landscape with confidence and clarity
Improved lead generation efficiency through regular B2B strategy fine-tuning.
Stay ahead of your competition with a strategy rooted in action
Faster strategy execution with precise timing and budgeting.
Increased resource allocation efficiency with clear strategy goals




  • Architecture & Design
  • United Kingdom
How Powerkh's outreach strategy reboot led to a 5X rise in lead generation

Opportunities generated


Increase of upselling



  • Information technology
  • United States
How Software Development Company increased acquired clients by 400%

Increase in MQL volume


Conversion rate growth



  • Information Technology
  • Switzerland
How Blocksport generated 4X more opportunities in just 3 months

Of CPA KPI achieved


Target prospects reached


The LenGreo team is very initiative, easy-going, and dedicated to what they’re doing. They constantly provide us with high-quality work and I’d recommend LenGreo to any company that needs professional assistance with business development and digital marketing.

Yevhen Surzhan ,
CTO, Powerkh

LenGreo has been an excellent business partner, and their lead generation and sales campaigns yield exceptional results. We have regular meetings to discuss their progress, resulting in a seamless workflow. 

Anatoly Kotlyar ,

It was a pleasure to work with the team as they were always responsive and ready to help and find a better solution for us, it is a great company to help you find the right audience and ways of communication in both B2C and B2B. LenGreo team members are real, proactive professionals.

Ihor Honcharov,
Head of Digital Marketing, Blocksport

LenGreo's efforts & activities have high commercial potential. They are very friendly & thoughtful in what they are doing. The only thing we'd like to adjust is reporting system so it matches our in-house system better

Christiaan van Duren,
CEO & Founder, Dexper

LenGreo cares about what they are doing. They really wanted my business to scale as much as I did, and their professional approach made it happen.

Giacomo Zecchi,
Founder & Head of Design, GZD


A B2B marketing strategy addresses your unique needs, target audience, and industry-specific challenges, maximizing effectiveness and relevance.
A successful B2B marketing plan includes a target audience analysis, clear goals, competitive research, a messaging strategy, and a well-defined marketing mix.
Our B2B marketing consulting agency provides specialized expertise, cost savings, and a conversion-focused perspective on marketing strategies.
We use data-driven strategies and targeted messaging and optimize marketing channels and campaigns.
We use track metrics such as lead generation, conversion rates, ROI, customer acquisition cost (CAC), and customer lifetime value (CLV).
We analyze your target audience's preferences, industry trends, and the nature of your products or services to align with the most effective platforms.

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