Company size:
Sports App Development

Of CPA KPI achieved


Target people reached

Targets we’ve achieved:
Increased US Software Development Company's annually acquired clients by 400% *
Generated 50+ business opportunities for UK Architecture & Design Services Provider *
Reduced cost per lead by over 6X for Dutch Event Technology Company *
Reached out to 13,000 target prospects and generated 400 opportunities for Swiss Sports Tech Provider *
Boosted conversion rate of Ukrainian IT Company by 53.6% *


Blocksport is a sports app development company specializing in creating Web3 fan engagement platforms, including NFT sports marketplaces and games, designed to integrate fan communities with business ecosystems and enhance digital engagement in the sports industry.


1 x Content Writer
1 x SMM Manager
1 x Project Manager
1 x Ads Specialist


Blocksport is a Swiss-based Sports tech provider with a focus on providing a win-win experience to Sports & Esports athletes and fans.


Upgrade the social media user portrait and buying persona. Revamp the content strategy to increase sales conversions, users engagement, and brand awareness.


Achieved 175.4% of the Subsribers Acqusition Cost KPI. The average tweet impression got 50% higher. Processed over 400 projects & influencers from Sports and Game-Fi and moved forward with several of them with NFT and Development opportunities.


We can recommend LenGreo for NFT and web3 companies, especially regarding copywriting and content creation. It was a pleasure to work with the team as they were always responsive and ready to help and find a better solution for us, it is a great company to help you to find the right audience and ways of communication in both b2c, and b2b. LenGreo team members are real professionals and what is more important they are pro-active professionals

Ihor Honcharov, Head of Digital Marketing



Our client is market leader in sports & e-sport fan engagement niche. They provide teams, streamers, influencers, federations and leagues with their own branded and fully managed fan engagement mobile app platform.


Blocksport was looking for a marketing partner to fulfill the needs of SMM, content writing, and partnerships management. The goal was to enhance the quality of the social media, writing style, and engagement rate to attract new members to their community and platform. During the cooperation, new goals appeared, so we also promoted Blocksport Partners’ fan tokens, NFTs, and applications.


  • We made an audience analysis and developed the appropriate writing style that was later implemented in the content plan.
  • Facebook helped us engage with the relevant audience due to its broad community. With an emphasis on the paid ads and the quality of the published content, we got over 1400 new Subs, which exceeded the cost KPI, and saved our client 0.43$ on each 1$.
  • While working on the outreach campaigns, we reached out to 400+ Projects and Influencers from both the Sports and GameFi industries and provided warmed leads straight to the client’s Sales & Development team.
  • Working with Twitter, we focused on defining our follower’s profile to retweet and engage with posts where our targeted audience might be. We started payment ads to grow engagement with our page and make our Twitter more appealing to new customers and partners.
  • With Instagram, our main goal was to increase brand awareness. We focused on making content related to our partners and ran our own blog there. Partners-based content gave us a significant engagement boost, as their already formed fan-audience also enjoyed our content and followed our page.


  • Achieved 175.4% of the Subsriber’s Acquisition Cost KPI
  • The average tweets impression got 50% higher
  • Increased the average View Per Post, as well as the number of actions with the pages
  • Decreased the unsubscription rate, due to the hooking content
  • Processed over 400 projects & influencers from Sports and Game-Fi and moved forward with several of them with NFT and Development opportunities