Client: Circularity is a startup that uses the power of blockchain to build the future of clean energy

Challenge: Efficiently handle the marketing activities of the startup, grow brand awareness and deliver the company’s message to the target audience.

Results: Developed a full-cycle marketing and content strategy. Acquired high-quality website through targeted social media campaigns. Defined collaboration plans with GreenTech industry leaders


I’m working with Max and Nick at LenGreo and it’s been a great experience. They enjoy thinking out of the box and testing plenty of strategies, which is a very effective way of getting results. Hoping to continue this collaboration for at least a number of months!


Anthony Muhye, Circularity FOUNDER & CEO — View review on Upwork


Founded by talented engineers, Circularity bridges clean energy and blockchain. Through the use of web3 technology, Circularity’s mission is to allow its community to become architects in actively supporting and building hydrogen solutions of the future.


Launching a start-up and trying to be a «one-man army» is a common mistake, and when Circularity’s founder couldn’t efficiently handle both the business and marketing side of the project, he reached out to LenGreo for help.


  • Analyzed the target audience and researched ways of its outreach in the most efficient way.
  • Defined the content plan, a roadmap of the online events, and appropriate KPIs.
  • Shortlisted the most relevant projects for collaboration and created an outreach sequence to move forward with co-marketing activities.
  • Utilized Social Media, business networks, and growth hacking to acquire high-quality website traffic and cooperate with other industry leaders. Circularity’s media presence is still growing on LinkedIn and Twitter.


  1. Developed a full-cycle marketing and content strategy
  2. Acquired high-quality website through targeted social media campaigns
  3. Outreached to GreenTech industry leaders and made appropriate collaboration plans