Whether you are launching or expanding your business, the LenGreo team will become your best friend. Take a look at the range of marketing and sales services we can offer your brand as a full-service digital marketing agency.
Marketing Strategy
Launching a business without a proper marketing strategy is like building LEGO without instruction. Eventually, you will get something, but it won’t be what you expected. Our team will outline the entire customer journey and help you define the most beneficial marketing channels and tactics to maximize the results of your marketing initiatives.
Move in the right direction
Social Media Marketing
We know all about social media platforms, whether that’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. Our team will help you balance between them and find an authentic way to promote your brand.
Get social media working for you
It’s time to climb the rankings. Our SEO experts will conduct an ultimate on and off-page SEO audit to come up with recommendations that can improve your organic rankings.
Be on the first page
TikTok is the #1 platform based on organic growth. Its audience consists of 57% of people aged 18 to 45, and they would love to see your company there. That's why we run turn-key TikTok accounts for our clients by posting 90 videos monthly.
Change the creative landscape of your business
Video Production
Integrating high-quality, professional video into your marketing strategy is a must. Here at LenGreo, we offer full video production services, including pre-production, production, post-production, editing, and directing. Let transform the way you communicate with your clients with the power of video.
Supercharge your efforts with the power of video
Sales Process
Let us become a bridge between your business and customers. We know the right way to convert your leads into happy and loyal customers.
Get more clients
Lead Generation
We know where and how to find your potential client. Let’s hit right on the nail and separate your offer and emails from dozens of others.
We work with you to structure and implement a lead generation strategy and ensure a range of qualified meetings and sales calls for you to take forward and convert into new business opportunities.
Speak to those who matter
Our team is experienced in all facets of design, including brand identity, custom illustrations, animation, and web design. Attract a larger audience and enhance customer engagement with the design that matters.
Your users will love your brand
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