Client: Powerkh is a BIM & VDC services provider, which works with architectural and industrial projects of various complexity.

Challenge: They needed a scalable client acquisition machine to provide the team with a sufficient workload and secure steady business growth.

Results: We’ve built a robust system for attracting potential customers and increasing brand awareness of the client company.


After just two months of work, the LenGreo team was able to match the results we took five years to achieve. Before we had up to 5 new clients per year, guys achieved the same result within 2 months and made this process scalable. Easy communication, client-oriented approach with clear KPIs. It feels that the people with who we work are a part of my company


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Our client is a UK digital design and consulting company that works in the US, UK, and Europe. They have considerable experience working with projects of varying complexity, from residential apartments to industrial complexes.


Powerkh needed new projects to have more workload for hiring new staff and strengthening their position in the BIM Market. The work plan also included developing a strategy and systematizing processes for the company’s growth now and in the future. As well as expanding Powerkh’s online presence and populating social media with valuable content.


  • Develop scalable Lead Generation processes that exceed desired KPIs.
  • Provided insights on market opportunities, such as developing the referrals/partners network, getting alternative sources of leads, and further marketing plans.
  • Filled Powerkh’s social media with content showing their expertise, credibility, and passion for doing their best work.
  • Analyzed account management processes to systemize the upselling approach and increase the retention rate.


  1. Generated over 20 targeted business conversations
  2. Increased the company’s media presence and developed Social Media content strategy and branding.
  3. Provided account-management guidelines to succeed with upselling and retention opportunities