Client: CXDojo is a Technology Consulting, Custom Software Design and Development Company

Challenge: Make the business scalable, independent from the reference model, and develop the lead generation and sales processes.

Results: We’ve built a sales and lead generation machine, grown the business network of the CXDojo, and increased the number of clients acquired annually by 400%


The LenGreo team is very initiative, easy-going, and dedicated to what they’re doing. They constantly provide us with high-quality work and I’d recommend LenGreo to any company that needs professional assistance with business development and digital marketing. …


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Our client is a one-stop shop development and consulting agency with a desire to solve business challenges in the most efficient ways. CXDojo was on the market for five years when our team joined them, but they were not scaling as all the incoming traffic and clients were from the CEO’s network.


Anatoly, the Founder of CXDojo, is also a CTO and Product Owner at a few company projects, so he couldn’t dedicate himself to the Business Development processes as much as needed and eventually became a bottleneck of his own businesses.

He reached out to LenGreo’s CEO, Sergii, and we conducted a few strategic meetings to define whether we’re the right fit to help the client. Anatoly liked our approach and ideas and decided to move forward.

LenGreo’s initial task was to take business development weight from his shoulders, structure company plans for the future, and uncover the most efficient ways to do it.


  • In-depth analysis of CXDojo’s services. Defining the company’s positioning, buying personas and unique value proposition
  • Set the Revenue KPIs, and developed an according strategy and roadmap.
  • Built a lead-generation and sales team, with the further running of all Sales and Accounting processes.
  • The Sales Team is daily utilizing custom outreach campaigns, alongside cold-emailing, and works with leads generated by paid ads and organic applications.
  • Developed a network of partners with whom we exchanged the projects on win-win terms
  • With CXDojo’s in-house team redesigned the website, made it more SEO and focused on getting inbound requests.
  • Run a Blog, with articles, selling pieces of advice, and educational materials, and achieved decent brand awareness growth through expertise sharing.


  1. Developed the portrait of buying persona
  2. Analyzed client’s service and helped with developing and testing new ones
  3. Developed Lead generation and Sales processes and teams
  4. Increased the number of clients acquired annually by 400%
  5. Boosted website traffic organically and with ads exceeding the inbound requests KPI